The People


Syed Abdul Razak bin Syed Abdullah: Founder / CEO
mobile: 010-403 3044
Creative Director and founder of Side Fx Sdn. Bhd., Syed Abdul Razak has been both crucial in the acquisition of key business accounts, original series development, and new blends of converging digital media technology. Syed Abdul Razak’s creative territory ranges from creative development, 3D Animation and motion graphics production, to interactive programming. He also takes pride in producing Virtual Reality, 3D Stereoscopic and 3D Game production.


Sharifah Zohriah bt Syed Abdullah : Busines Admin Manager
Sharifah Zohriah has been in the IT market business in her early professional career. With her 20 years experience, she builds up the company business at its utmost peak.


Roslan Hussin : Film Director
Started his career as an actor for theater, film production manager, film assistant director and now he directed a few top local drama series such as Astana Idaman and Spana Jaya for NTV7 which make a debut in the local broadcasting industry. He has been involved in broadcasting industry for 30 years. He was an Assistan Director in a few local production houses namely Pesona Pictures, Double Vission, Antah UTV, Media Works, Ten on Ten Pictures, Fe Communication, YR Communication and TCS Singapore.


Azhar Aziz: Creative Director
Azhar has 20 years of experience in the creative industry from print design and publishing and through videography. Over the years, he has gained and developed strong foundation in having numerous feature film and tv visual art direction and visual effects and he also directing various tv series, corporate video and commercials.


Mohd Rizal Yusof : Video Director
Bagged with 20 years experience in video camera works started his career at Serangkai Film Sdn Bhd. Then joined Q-Plex Sdn Bhd as Head of Cameraman Department and continue to expand his creative camera work when he join Le Tour De Langkawi’s aerial view video coverage for four years 1994, 1996, 1998 and 2000.


Muhammad Shafiq Samsudin : New Media Manager 
Shafiq manages the new media department. A graduate from UiTM bag with a few years background in new media productions. He also takes pride in producing music and sound effects.


Syed Abdullah bin Syed Hassan

Zainal Rahman


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